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(205) - Bairro da Nazaré Map -Madeira / PortugalDecember2016

This was the second map of the Madeira Orienteering Association project and is located in an urban area that surprised me positively for its wealth of elements. Here it would be possible to organize...

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(206) - Burguondo Map - Spain December 2016

This map, was a project of the Club Máxima and was intended to hold an event to count for the National Championship of Spain.
It is a terrain very similar to the Serrinha...

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(207) - Lezignan Map - France January2017

This map, is a Clubloco project and has an area of about 8.5 km2. It is a reasonably large area.
It is a map in a varied terrain that ranges from areas of stones to areas of...

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(208) - Dongalinho Map - Portugal February2017

 This map is a project of the COC - Orientation Club of the Center and is intended for the realization of PIOM2018 (WRE). This is an extension of the Serrinha map where 3 of the 4 stages of...

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(209) - Xátiva Map - Spain March 2017

This map was a project of Clube Correcaminhos for those who had already done another job in 2009.
Once again, I made a map with a good part of the forest and...

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(210) - St.Quirin Map - France April / May2017

This was a project from the La LORRAINE - Département: la Moselle region. NB c'est à l'EST de la FRANCE and was intended for the elaboration of a large map for the realization of...

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(211) - Tarilon Map - Spain June2017

This map was a project of the Orca club and is intended for the realization of a stage of the event ´5 days of Spain 2018´. On my Facebook page, I already wrote a lot about this map. I think that a...

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(212) - Villa Ávila Map - Spain June / July2017

This was another project of the club Máximus and was aimed at the elaboration of a map for a stage of the Iberian Championship 2018. Another interesting terrain but with the disadvantage...

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(213) - Hidden Lake Map - Canada August2017

This was the fourth time I went to Canada to do orienteering maps.
Now I went to the Yukon region, near the town of Whitehorse.
One more time, I saw fantastic terrain to...

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(214) - Gala2017 - Portugal September2017

This map, was a project of the OriMondego Club and was intended for the realization of a stage of the cup of Portugal. Interestingly, it had already been part of this map in the past but the...

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(215) - Leiria2018 - Portugal November2017

This map is another extension of the urban map of Leiria 2011 and 2016. This time, I mapped more 1 km2 and this map is intended for the event ´Leiria City Race 2018´ organized by Clube COC - Leiria

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(216) - Gerena2018 - Spain Jan / Feb.2018

The Gerena map is a project of the ADOL Club.This project aims to prepare two maps. This one and another with about 9 kms2 that I will do still in the summer of this year.This...

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