Rui Manuel Vieira Antunes, Portuguese and living in the central west Portugal. I'm Cartographer with Level 5 certification, Level 1 Coach, Courses Planner and IOF Event Adviser. 
Rui Antunes was distinguished in a worldwide internet survey for the best 2010 orienteering map and course with the Quiaos map ranked in 4th position.
Rui  Antunes was distinguished in a Worldwide Internet survey for the best 2016 orienteering map and course Serrinha map ranked in 5th position.
I drafted my first map made entirely by hand in 1982 to a Portuguese Air Force Championship. This was the first map made in Portugal and prepared according to the rules of the IOF (International Orienteering Federation).
I started my work as a cartographer (Mapmaker) professional in 2004 and have already made maps to National Championships, Iberian Championships, Cup Latin Countries, World Ranking Events, and also for the World Cup Veterans. 
Currently I have about 212 maps produced in Portugal, Spain, France, Austria, Montenegro, Turkia and Canadá.
I made maps for Pedestrian orienteering, Mountain Bike orienteering, Traill-O orienteering and Sprint orienteering. 
My first contact with the sport as a player, was when in the military in 1977. 
In subsequent years, 1978 (Germany), 1979 (Denmark), 1980 (Sweden) 1981 (Austria) participated in four World Military Championships (CISM). I have lots of international participation (Over 50) and still a player of the sport (whenever I can) that I've been a great passion. 
I'm Federated in COC - Orienteering Club of Center (www.COC.pt)