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(163) - Bois des Gonards Map - France Mars/April2014

This is the third map in the same GO78 project.
At this point, I was already a considerable distance from my accommodation & so was already travel by bike. Were 10 kms each way.I...

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(162) - Genest Map - FranceMars2014

This second map GO78 project has very similar characteristics to the first. It consists of slopes around the lake with some flat and fairly technical areas, due to the high number of details in...

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(161) - Le Moulin à Renard Map - FranceMars2014

This year I was again starting hired by Club GO78 to make part of a project that was to develop 4 maps in the region of Varsailles.
The GO78 Club, is the French club with the highest...

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(160) - Marateca Este Map - Portugal January2014

The direction of the EOC, understood that there was a need to extend to the east, the map for the final long distance and relay this competition.
So I went back to the terrain to do...

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(159) - Titáguas Sprint Map - Spain Non/Dec2013

This map is part of the same previous project and is designed to the same events.
This map is a part of the forest to the north, has a very old urban part. In this area, all the...

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(158) - Titáguas Mapa - Spain Nov2013

This map, made ??part of a project of the University of Valencia.
It has about 6,000 sq kmtrs of mountainous terrain and will achieve the University Championships in Spain and also...

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(157) - Perazancas Map - Spain Oct2013

This map is a project of the Club 'RIO CARRION Orca' and intended the event will "Spain five days in 2014"It is a map with the ideal characteristics to orienteering...

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(156) - Frontignan Map - France Sept2013

This was the fifth map that we developed in this area.
It is a beautiful area along the Mediterranean.
The terrain is mostly flat and dense, does not allow easy...

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(155) - Valhan Map - France Sept2013

This map was drawn up near a school. Aim to be used by students in the initiation.
Map where practically only one can walk along paths. Good to see things close to the...

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(154) - St. Sauver Map - France Sept2013

This was the third map is the same project and, together with the map of Rieucolon the best map we have developed.Technical parts, uneven parts, parts difficult progression, progression of parts...

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(153) - Aqueduc Map - France Sept2013

This was the second map we prepared for the same project.
Had the particularity to allow us to do the whole map from the housing.
It is technically a map relatively...

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(152) - Rieucolon Map - France Aug/Sep2013

Rieucolon, was the first of a set of five maps that were drawn up for the Club CDCO34 in the region of Montpellier.This terrain is very good because it is very technical and difficult progress in...

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