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(199) - La Molina Map - Spain Spt2016

This map is part of a project by the Club COC- Catalonia that consisted of the elaboration of two maps with a view to the realization of three stages of the event “5 days of...

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(198) - Piknick Map - Turkia AUG / SPT2016

Map Elaborated in Turkia more precisely in the Bergama region in August / September2016.
This is a terrain of excellent quality for the practice of the sport, as can easily be...

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(197) - Durmitor Map - Montenegro JUN / JUL2016

I finished my map No. 197 and once again I was dazzled by the terrain I was mapping. Authentic Nordic terrains, both in the type of relief and in the type of...

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(196) - Zabljak Sprint Map - Montenegro JUN2016

This was the first of the two maps I finished in Montenegro. It is a map designed for sprinte. It is a mix of urban and forest, which gives it an added richness. It is a sprinte map different from...

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(195) - Map of Lagoa de Ervideira - Portugal MAI / JUN2016

My map nº 195 was created by me for my COC club - In May / June2016. Two orientation stages will be held on 14/15JAN2017 counting for the Portuguese Cup and integrated in the XV...

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(194) - Map of Leiria2016 - Portugal APRIL2016

In this map, I made an extension of about 1,250kms2 to the old map that already existed and that had been used in the WMOC20008 qualifier. It also had an urban and semi-urban part and a greater...

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193) - Map of Canencia - Spain MAR / APRIL2016

It is a land that at the outset, impresses by its grandeur. As soon as we leave Miraflores towards Canência on the only existing road and always going up, we start to realize how special the...

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(192) - Map Miraflores de la Sierra-Spain MAR2016

Semi-urban map with about 2.0kms2, was prepared by me and another cartographer in March 2016 during the most difficult days to climb the mountain to make the map of Canencia. This map has very...

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(191) - Map Penamacor Sprint2016-Portugal JAN2016

Although this same area was mapped by a colleague of the Club (Carlos Vale) and whose map was used in the night of POM2016, me and Clube COC, due to several factors, we thought it would be good...

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(190) - Mata da Câmara-Portugal Map DEC 2015

This map was started by a colleague from the Club (Carlos Vale) and who, due to lack of availability after a certain time, asked me to finish it. As you can see in the drawing that goes with the...

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(189) - Memory Map-Portugal NOV2015

Memory Map / POM2016 - This map was created by me in November 2015 and it is there that the first stage of POM2016 will be held. It is a semi-open terrain with little unevenness in some rocky areas...

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(188) - Prat Peyrot Map-FranceOct2015

Map of Prat Peyrot / France2015 - Another map made by me and another cartographer in the French Pyrenees region. The terrain is located in a winter sports area, the map has a sky resort...

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