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(240) Moià Map2020 - Spain February 2020

Once again, the COC Catalonia Club believed in my work and called me to make another map in the Pyrenees region, more precisely in the mountains north of Moià. These are technically very...

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(239) Mapa Burinhosa2020 - Portugal Janeiro2020

This was an existing map. It was a very old map and quite outdated because despite being leaning against the pine forest of Leiria (National Forest) it is almost entirely made up of private land....

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(238) S. Pedro Moel Map2019 - Portugal December 2019

This is another map that already existed and made by me in 2014. After the great fire that eliminated the Leiria pine forest, some expenses were made in the few areas that did not burn. This land was...

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(237) Map Brebernica2019 - Croatia October2019

Another map in Croatia. This time I went to the Brebernica region for a terrain similar to the one I did about two years ago. Land completely covered by deciduous forest and...

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(236) Map Pinoso2019 - Spain Aug / Sep.2019

This is a map that impresses not only for its greatness, but also for its technical richness and for its hardness in some parts. Map crossed by huge ravines that will force runners to choose a...

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(235) Map Gatineau Park2019 - Canada / May / June2019

Map Gatineau Park - Map nº 233 - Map with about 7kms2, fully mapped by me in May / June2019.
Fantastic terrains for the practice of orienteering at the highest level. Defining...

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(234) Pedrógão2019 Map - Portugal / August2019

Map Pedrógão 2019 - Map nº 233 - It has a km2 and is a semi-urban map totally redone. There was an old and outdated map from 2006.
This map has...

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(233) Map Risnjak_Leska2019 / Croatia-April2019

This map was made by me solo in April 2019 at the Risnjak Nature Park and is intended for the Croatia Open2019.It is a very rich and varied fantastic terrain that will delight...

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(232) Map Alcobaça2019 / Portugal-March2019

This map, is a COC project and is intended to hold an event of the National City Race circuit.
There was already an old map, but it was totally out of date and so it was all redone...

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(231) - Map Benamahoma2019 / Spain-February2019

My map no. 230 and no. 2 2019 is complete.
It is on this map that the 2019 Spanish championships will be held in medium and long distances.
It is a very physically...

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(230) - Palheirão2019 / Portugal-Janeiro2019

This map was an emergency project and is intended to carry out the first stage of POM2019
Land of dunes and micro-relief with dense and semi-dense vegetation that hinders...

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(229) Stadium + Rachã TRailO - Portugal December2018

These two maps prepared by me, were intended for the realization of two stages of this aspect of the modality and counted for the cup of Portugal in this discipline in 2019.

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