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(225) - Map Hervás urbano2018 - Spain September2018

This is the first map of a project of two from the Federation of Extremadura.
It is a map of about one km2 with an urban area and a forest area.
A map with a very good...

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(224) - SUZE2018 Map - France September2018

2nd map of the same project as CD Romans.
This terrain is already much more challenging than the previous one. Also completely covered in forest and very demanding at the physical...

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(223) - Map Dionay2018 - France August2018

1st map of another CD Romans project.Land completely covered with forest and with few details of relief. Some ditches and other small details.
This map was created...

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(222) - Gafanhas2018 Map - Portugal July / August2018

Forest map in a typical terrain of the Central Coast of Portugal, This terrain is very appreciated by all orienteering practitioners due to its technical quality, combined with the ease with...

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(221) - La Jarosa Map 2018 - Spain June / July 2018

This Map is another project of the Adolince Club of Seville and will be used in the Iberian Championship of 2019.
It is a very varied terrain and similar to the lands of the southern...

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(220) - Hortunas2018 Map - Spain April / May2018

This Map, is a project of the Club Correcaminhos of Valencia and is intended for the realization of the Event (V Orienteering City Trophy of Requena) on 5/6/7 April 2018.
It is a...

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219) - Map C.Lavos Sul2018 - Portugal Abril2018

This map was created by me in 2007 and expanded by me in 2010.
Now I went to do a review for the COC (center orientation club) there to run a medium distance race for the Portuguese...

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(218) - Zagreb2018 Forest Map - Croatia Feb / March2018

This map was a project of Clube Kapela and is located in a very challenging terrain.
Although the land is cleared in almost the entire area, it remains quite...

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(217) - Park101/Croatia Feb. 2018

This map ended up being part of this project by chance.
Like the snow that fell in the first weeks, I was not allowed to enter the forest, I was suggested to make this park...

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(216) - Gerena2018 - Spain Jan / Feb.2018

The Gerena map is a project of the ADOL Club.This project aims to prepare two maps. This one and another with about 9 kms2 that I will do still in the summer of this year.This...

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(215) - Leiria2018 - Portugal November2017

This map is another extension of the urban map of Leiria 2011 and 2016. This time, I mapped more 1 km2 and this map is intended for the event ´Leiria City Race 2018´ organized by Clube COC - Leiria

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(214) - Gala2017 - Portugal September2017

This map, was a project of the OriMondego Club and was intended for the realization of a stage of the cup of Portugal. Interestingly, it had already been part of this map in the past but the...

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