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(252) -Herrera Ori-Btt-Espanha - Fevereiro 2021

Mapa Herrera - É um mapa específico para oribtt e nele se irá disputar um evento de distância larga.

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(251) - Mapa Brosas Monte (iniciação) - Espanha Janeiro2021

Mapa de Brosas Monte2021 - Este mapa, foi elaborado para promover ainda mais a orientação neta região de Espanha (Estremadura) Aqui serão colocados percursos...

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(250) - Mapa de Brosas (incompleto)- Espanha Janeiro2021

Mapa de BrosasIncompleto - Este mapa, situa-se num terreno muito interessante. No entanto, depois de termos iniciado o trabalho, fomos confrontados com a proibição do...

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(249) - Mapa Santiago Carbajo (Rogaine) - Espanha Janeiro2021

Mapa de Santiago de Alcântara - Este mapa, tem uma área de cerca de 15kms2 e destinou-se á realização de um evento de rogaine. Terreno bastante exigente tanto a...

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(248) - Baraque Fraiture 2020 Belgium / September2020.

This Map is a project of the Belgian Orienteering Federation and is intended for the European Youth Championship / April 2021 (JEC 2021).
The land is a mixture of areas covered by...

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(247) - Rouchefort du Gard ISOM2019 / France Julho2020

 This is the second map of the Cartosud project / Rouchefort du Gard municipality. Map in the scale of 1: 10,000 and obeying ISOM2019.
It is also a mixed forest and urban map...

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(246) - Rouchefort du Gard Map 2020/ France/Julho2020

Rouchefort du Gard 2020 France / Julho2020. My maps No. 246 and 247, are a project of the municipality of Rouchefort du Gard and the company Cartosud (
These two maps...

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(245) Memory Map 2020 / Portugal Julho2020

This map was the last of the PIOM2021 (wre) project. It was an old map where the first stage of the POM was played and had been prepared by me in 2015. I decided to redo almost everything again. It...

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(244) Serrinha Nordeste Map - Portugal / July2020.

(244) Serrinha Nordeste Map - Portugal Julho2020 (Review)
This map was elaborated by me in 2015 for the realization of the POM (WRE, three stages). It is, for me, one of the most...

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(243) Pedrógão de S. Pedro Map - Portugal / May2020.

This is a very interesting urban map. as you can see in the photos below, it is a village with a very irregular historic town. It has very asymmetrical streets and many stairs. It looked very good to...

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(242) Anascer Map - Portugal / Maio2020.

This is another map for the PIOM2021. It is a map that has existed since 2015. It will be used as a model event for training runners. It is a terrain similar to those where the main races will be...

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(241) Carvalhal Sul Map- Portugal / April2020.

This map is intended for the realization of PIOM2021. It will be an event with two medium distance runs (one will be a WRE) and also a night Sprint race.
It is a very pleasant...

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