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(139) - Es Burotell Map - Spain (Balearic Island)Aug2012

Second map of the same project of the Balearic Federation.
This map, is situated on terrain a bit farther from the coast.
It is also a very interesting...

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(138) - Alcúdia Map - Spain (Balearic Island) Aug2012

This map is part of another project of Balearic Orienteering Federation.
It's a typical terrain of these islands. It features up to be a place mostly with some undergrowth in some...

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(137) - Mapa Osso da Baleia - Portugal Jul/Aug2012

This map is part of a project of the COC- Orienteering Club of Center. (
The purpose is to organize the XIV MOC-WRE 16/17Fev.2013.
It's a map, situated near...

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(136) - Hart Lake Map - Canada May/Jun2012

Hart Lake Map - Canada in 2012. This map is part of a project for the Association of Orientation of New Scotland - Canada, initiated in 2011 with the map of Wentworth Valley. This year, as was a...

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(135) - Zarcilla de Ramos Map - Spain Mar/Apr2012

This map has a total area of 8.2 Kms2.
2Kms2 were made by three Mapamakers Czechs and the remaining 6.2 Kms2 were made by me and the...

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(134) - Marrazes2012 Map - Portugal Feb/Mar2012

This is an area where there is already an old map (2003) made by me based on a Military map.
Now I will make another map to Sprint and Precision...

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(133) - Porcincula Map-Balearic Islands/Spain/Jan/Feb2012

5th map of the same project (Orienteering Balearic Federation).Another map that surprised me positively.It was a very simple that we transform a map of Sprint, respecting the...

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(132) - Galatzo Reserve Map-Balearic Islands/Spain/Jan/Feb2012

4th map of the same project (Orienteering Balearic Federation)
This map is a special case among all those who already did.
Is a map set in a nature reserve of an...

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(131) - Parc de sa Riera Map-Balearic Island/Spain/Jan2012

The third map of the same project of Balearic Orienteering Federation.
Sprint map on the scale of 1: 4,000.
There was also a old map this terrain.Like the previous ones,...

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(130) - Universitat Map-Balearic Islands/Spain/Jan2012

This is the second map of the Balearic Orienteering Federation project.
It is also a map simple that will also to the evolution of the orienteering runners. 

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(129) - Lloret/Baleares Map - Espanha/Jan2012

The Comuna of Lloret, was part of a project of 5 maps elaborated by me and other mapmaker (José Batista) in January 2012.Map of pine forest with a lot of low vegetation.It is a relatively...

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(128) - Bellver-Son Muntaner-JaumeII Map - SpainNov/Dec2011

After finishing my 15th 2011 map, came to an end more a year in which fortunately, I had a lot of work.
I hope in the coming years, continue to deserve the confidence of event...

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