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10/25/2013 6:23:48 PM Another project completed.

This map is a project of the Club 'RIO CARRION Orca' and intended the event will "Spain five days in 2014"
It is a map with the ideal characteristics to orienteering competitions.
Mountain areas, open areas, areas covered with oak and also pine.
Many cliffs, rocks, clumps of vegetation and relief details.
Areas of fast running, and others where visibility is very low.
Honestly, I liked!
Then I will go to Valencia (Spain) to do one that I hope will be the last map of 2013.


Good Night;
After about 1 month of work non-stop in the region of Montpellier, finally, we return home.
We made 5 maps in different areas totaling about 8.7 kms2.
This time, the weather was our friend. When this is so, it is much easier to work.
We believe that the responsible Club CDCO34, were so pleased as we.
The document that is down and we were sent by the President of the Club CDCO34, is proof of that.
Thank you for trusting in us.
Then we leave for Spain, Burgos region, more precisely to Cervera de Pisuerga.
Let's make a map with about 6/7 kms2.
This time, we have even more faith and wait for the rain to come later.
see you soon
Rui Antunes


                              Monsieur Pierre RAOUX

Président CDCO34

     6 Impasse de la Chenaie

34160 Beaulieu

Cher Mr Antunes

Le CDCO34 se joint à moi pour vous remercier vous et José Batista du travail que vous avez fait sur les cartes de course d’orientation autour de Montpellier.

On nous avez venté la qualité et le soin apporté à votre travail et nous n’avons pas été déçu. Nous avons aussi apprécié votre exactitude et la rapidité du travail, les relations très agréables alliant des contacts très sympathiques mais aussi très professionnelles

Pour finir notre commission qualité des cartes a validé votre travail, sans émettre aucune remarque.

Pour tout cela le CDCO34 renouvelle ces remerciements et espère très rapidement vous revoir dans la région.


Le Président du CDCO34

Pierre RAOUX


8/25/2013 9:30:11 PM XIII BIZKAIA SARIA

Already published the first newsletter for the XIII Bizkaia Saria, event counting for the Spain National League and will be held in the coming days 5/6 October at Bidea Orienteering Club. For more information

The map for this event, was drawn by me and Batista and already invite and advise all orienteers who like good challenges on land with some hard but with good visibility and virtually clean almost entirely to accept my challenge and go try this event. I am convinced that it will not give up as lost, the time spent in this experiment. Here is the link to the Bulletin # 1 –

8/25/2013 11:52:58 AM Project will be around Montpellier

I'm starting to be part of another project.
This time I go near Montpellier, make five maps for the Club CDCO34.
Its president Pierre Raoux, gave me the pleasure of working on this great project.There are five different maps, which add up to a total area of
​​about 9.5 Kms2.
Again, I'm accompanied by Batista and if we have time, we will further a map in the same region, but to another entity.
see you soon
Rui Antunes

8/21/2013 10:36:17 PM MAPS EOC 2014

I finished this week, the maps for the European Championship 2014.
I made the map to the long distance final and also the Relay.
I also made two new maps for the model of long distance.
I will not mention here, the characteristics of the terrain. I hope by publishing technical information on the site of the championship.
Below, I show photos of the terrain.
Also, it was I who planned the courses.
Then I go to the region of Montpellier (France) Do some maps.
It is a very interesting project which consists in developing several maps will around Montpellier.
I will give information.
see you soon

Rui Antunes


7/28/2013 12:33:41 PM MAPA EYOC/ETOC

Already started for some time, working with a view to the elaboration of the map to the long distance races and relays.
Things did not start the way I wanted, since as you can see from the photos, the accommodation was far from meet the ideal conditions for my work. For better understanding, I must emphasize that despite the fieldwork, absorb me a long time, is also in the accommodation step that many hours every day between computer work and trying to rest as much to maintain high morale which is essential to me that I I feel satisfied with the end result.
The exceptionally high temperatures also have not contributed anything to be right. If we add to this the fact that the room beyond small, have no ventilation, we have an environment unsuitable for the necessary rest who have to spend long hours in the field every day.
In face of this situation, after half a dozen days, I decided to return home to rest and wait for the temperatures recede something that came happily to happen.
On resumption of work, I decided to change my schedule in order to take advantage of peak hours freshness. Contributed to this, the fact that I can not sleep a wink due to the sauna that was the room even at night. For this, I have raised about six o'clock in the morning and at about half past six already tend to be where I start the daily work. As can also check for some pictures, sometimes I encounter thick fog at first, but gradually vanishing. Therefore, return around 14h00/15h00 have eight hours of field work done and time to work on the computer. Also looked for a place where I could be better equipped to be a draw. For this, asked permission in the parish, to cede me a space to do my work computer which came to pass. In this aspect, I am very well served with a room that even has air conditioning. It has the disadvantage of close to 18.00, but is already very good.
For the rest, the work is now progressing at a good pace. For obvious reasons (the purpose it is intended this map) will not give any information on the land or on the map without permission of the organizing committee.

6/21/2013 12:25:27 PM Next Map

Within a short time, I start another job.
I'll make some maps where it will hold the European Championship (eocetoc2014). (New Map for Long Distance and Relay) (New Map for Sprint) (revision map to model).
These championships will take place on the south bank of the River Tagus in sandy terrain with vegetation of holm oaks and pines.
There are some old maps in the region, but, as regards the report of the event, these areas are embargoed.
Can consult the event website at:

Rui Antunes

See you soon

6/20/2013 4:14:31 PM Over a map

I finished another map. I'm home after 5 weeks working non-stop in northern France. I've been to map a large area of forest Mormal.
I and another cartographer mapped 15kms2. this map, will be held the championships of France Club on 10/11 May 2014.
It was a pleasure working for the Club Tous azimuts Douai. I appreciate the kindness and attention that was given to us.
Thanks to all
Rui Antunes
see you soon

5/21/2013 12:18:23 PM Two weeks after

Two weeks passed, and the weather is still very adverse. It seems that here in the north of France, is frequent. Today was another day that we could not go out into the woods. We will be waiting for an open.

If not complicate things, we hope to finish this map until the end of next month. Recall that there are 16 kms2 provided. It's a huge map.

We will continue to have faith that the weather will improve.

see you soon
Rui Antunes

5/6/2013 7:25:49 PM Portugal Championships Long Distance and Sprint

These championships were held in the past weekend and I enjoying one more passage for Portugal, I participate.
On Saturday, it was a long distance race. It was a land of sand and dunes and it was relatively easy. I won in my class with a time of 43 minutes.
Sunday was the championship sprint. It was in an urban area and despite not sympathize with the sprint, liked.
I was second in my class.
It was an exhausting weekend, but it motivated me to the next job will start later this week in northern France.
Then give more news.
see you soon

5/2/2013 1:13:44 PM Still Echoes of the Le Manet map:

Here are the impressions of Mr. Christophe Rauturier.
Club President GO78.

see you soon

Rui Antunes

O Clube Guyancurte Orientation 78 (GO78), selecionou o Cartógrafo Rui Antunes para refazer por completo um mapa histórico do clube : Mapa Le Manet.

Este mapa, irá ser utilizado na realização dos Campeonatos Militares Terrestres de França, no mês de Junho de 2013.

O mapa, contem várias parcelas muito complexas para cartografar. Zonas de Bombardeamentos e antigas explorações de pedreiras de pedras de moinho.

Depois de várias tentativas por parte dos cartógrafos amadores do clube, nós não obtivemos um resultado satisfatório.

Desde os primeiros dias de trabalho do Rui, ao testar o mapa no terreno, rápidamente constatei que iríamos ter um trabalho de alto nível da complexidade do terreno. Excelente representação do micro-relevo, uma seleção muito boa dos elementos e uma óptima conjugação de todos os detalhes.

No final, passamos a dispor de um mapa da zona de elevado nível e qualidade.

Quero acrescentar, que tivemos uma excelente relação com o Rui, enquanto durou o trabalho. Durante esse tempo, o Rui foi tendo sempre em conta as nossas dúvidas e sugestões para produzir um trabalho de alta qualidade.

Para terminar, fiquei impressionado com a rapidêz de execução do mapa, tendo em conta a complexidade de algumas zonas.

O Rui, não olhou ás horas de trabalho no terreno nem atráz do computador para cumprir os prazos estabelecidos connosco.

Uma coisa é certa : Nós voltaremos a trabalhar com o Rui no futuro.

Até breve ;

Boa sorte para o próximo trabalho de cartografia no Norte de França.


Christophe Rauturier.

Presidente do Clube GO78

Guyancourt Orientation 78 (GO78) a sélectionné Rui Antunès pour la refonte complète d'une carte historique du club : Le Manet. Cette carte doit être utilisée à l'occasion des championnats de France militaire Terre au mois de juin 2013. La carte comporte plusieurs parcelles très complexes à cartographier : zones de bombardement et anciennes carrières de meulière. Après plusieurs tentatives par les cartographes amateurs du club, nous n'avions pas obtenu un résultat satisfaisant. Dès les premiers jours du travail de Rui, en contrôlant la carte sur le terrain, j'ai vite compris que cette fois-ci nous aurions un travail à la hauteur de la complexité du terrain : excellente représentation du micro-relief et très bonne sélection des éléments de terrain à retenir parmi tout le détail. Au final nous disposons maintenant d'une carte de très bon niveau sur la zone. J'ajouterais que nous avons eu une excellente relation avec Rui pendant toute la durée des travaux : il fut en permanence à l'écoute de nos attentes et soucieux de produire un travail de qualité. Pour terminer j'ai été impressionné par la vitesse de réalisation de la carte malgré la complexité de certaines zones, Rui n'a pas compté ses heures sur le terrain ni derrière son PC, pour tenir les délais convenus entre nous. Une chose est certaine nous retravaillerons avec Rui à l'avenir.

A bientôt et bon courage pour la cartographie dans le Nord de la France !

Christophe Rauturier.
Président de GO78.

The Club Guyancurte Orientation 78 (GO78), selected Mapper Rui Antunes to completely redo an Historical Map Club: Map Le Manet.
This map will be used in the realization of Terrestrial Military Championships in France, in June 2013.
The map contains several plots too complex to map. Shelling zones and old workings of quarries millstones.
After several attempts by cartographers amateur club, we did not get a satisfactory result.
From the earliest days working Rui, when testing the map on the ground, quickly realized that we would have a high level of work complexity of the terrain. Excellent representation of the micro-relief, a very good selection of elements and the optimal combination of all the details.
In the end, we now have a map of the area of
​​high level and quality.
I want to add, we had a great relationship with Rui, the job while it lasted. During this time, Rui was always taking into account our concerns and suggestions to produce a high quality work.
To finish, I was impressed with the speed of execution of the map, taking into account the complexity of some areas.
Rui not looked ace hours of work in the field or on the computer to meet deadlines with us.
One thing is certain: We'll come back to work with Rui in the future.
See you soon;
Good luck for the next job mapping in northern France.

Christophe Rauturier.
Club President GO78




5/1/2013 12:37:15 PM Another map is done!

After another period of intense work, this time accompanied by Batista, finished the map of Legutiano.
It was the second map we made in this region and they are glued.
If we add the 8.4 kms2 this map to about 8 kms2 the former, a large area will be mapped.
Land are very demanding on the physical level and also very interesting technically.
This map is intended will hold two races nationally in Spain next October.
I advise all lovers of orientation to experience this land.
As you can see the piece of map that is down, this map is almost entirely easy progression. Only in the north, in areas replanted, there is some aggressive vegetation close to the ground.
Then our destination is France (Brittany region)

see you soon
Rui Antunes


4/24/2013 6:37:09 PM Legutiano Map two weeks after

We are in the second week of work on the Legutio map and have gone through several phases climate. First, snow to our arrival. After a few days of rain, too few days of sun and rain again today.
By lot as we always do, this time happened to me the northern part of the map.
After a piece of land with moderate and some areas of meadows, crossed a brook in the valley and now has always been the climb. Registered, as you can see in the photos, has reached 710 meters, but continues to rise.
I've been in a very humane where some parts of the forest have been replanted. Therefore, they are too dirty to ground level (brambles).
The remaining area (greater part of the map) is practically clean and forest sufficient detail relief. The remnants of the civil war in Spain, still visible goods, due to the high number of trenches.

See you soon;

4/4/2013 3:04:49 PM OVER MAP

Finished another map. My map is No. 146.
It was in the region of Versailles, exactly in the Forest of Le Manet.
A ground quite interesting, as you can see in the bit map that is exposed.
It was for me a great pleasure to have done this map intended to realization of the National Military Championships in France next June.
I wish the club GO78 to be a great event.
Now think about the next map which will be in Spain.

See you soon;

3/13/2013 11:29:17 AM Snow appeared

Passados 10 dias de muito trabalho em le Manet, a neve apareceu.
Hoje não posso sair de casa. Está um frio terrível.
O meu cunhado, convidou-me para ir a casa dele que fica a 40 kms.
Acho que vou aceitar o convite.
Acabei por ficar na casa dos meus familiares. A neve caíu durante todo o dia e também á noite.
Hoje, de manhã, ele veio trazer-me ao meu alojamento. A temperatura está a -5 graus e está uma boa camada de neve na floresta. Não posso trabalhar de novo.
Tenho outros compromissos e o tempo está a passar. Pouca sorte para mim, mas nada mais posso fazer.
Até breve

3/2/2013 8:48:20 PM Now, I'm in Versailles

I came today to the region of Versailles to make another map this time for the Club GO78.
After solving my accommodation which is about 1km from the boundary map, went for a ride by terrain to familiarize myself with it.
This is a terrain with little unevenness, but with several areas where the micro-relief seemed very difficult to design because in most cases is negative (depressions) but which also has very low relief disordered and sometimes with a design without any logic. Much work awaits me in the coming days. As always, I ask only that the S. Pedro give me a hand.
Here is a photo of the area.
See you soon;


2/21/2013 2:45:00 PM After the fun back to work


It is now the beginning of March I will leave for France.
After a month of February in which I enjoyed immensely, first participating in the events NAOMI  and also POM.
After a collaborator in organizing the MOC2013 making the map and courses planning of the event.
There were lots of great moments with orienteering that came to an end.
For the year, there will be more and I hope to be present.
From now on, I will be solely focused on mapping.
see you soon
Rui Antunes

1/31/2013 6:33:11 PM Orienteering Meeting of Center 2013

It's already on 16/17 February, the Orienteering Club of center will organize this important event.
Until now and as you can see in the table that goes along, already past the thousand entries.
This event, which account for WRE, will be at the Osso da Baleia Beach on a totally new map and in a terrain that has never before been mapped.
Everything is ready and we are ready to welcome all athletes and companions and to give them a weekend to remember.
All conditions are met for this, just missing making a pact with S. Pedro to have a weekend of spring.
see you soon

1/23/2013 5:02:57 PM In March I'm going to France to map.

This time I go to Le Manet, around Versailles.
It is a project of the Club GO78 and this map will have an area of about 6Kms2 and intended to realization of the Military Championships of France.
The terrain is mostly flat, but with many variations of vegetation. In some parts, the ground is covered with depressions, holes, tree trunks, hills, etc..
Certainty that I'll find many challenges in this work and so I will be very happy to do so.
See you soon;
Rui Antunes


1/18/2013 5:51:14 PM My year 2012, step by step

Orientovar - No plano pessoal, quais os grandes desafios que se colocam em 2012?


Rui Antunes - Estou preparado psicologicamente para um ano muito inconstante e incaracterístico. Estou mentalmente preparado que, nesta actividade que eu bem conheço, nada cai do céu nem nada está garantido. Tenho consciência que num mapa com 10.000 símbolos, se eu colocar apenas 9.999 corretos, corro o risco de ser muito criticado. E isso apesar, de ser uma coisa que não preocupa muitos, é a minha preocupação constante. Mas espero, em todo o caso, que me sejam feitos alguns grandes desafios, tanto em Portugal como no exterior. Também pretendo desenhar o meu primeiro mapa de Orientação de Precisão e certamente irei fazê-lo.




Orientovar - On a personal level, what are the major challenges in 2012?

Rui Antunes - I'm psychologically prepared for a year very fickle and uncharacteristic. I am mentally prepared that this activity that I know well, nothing falls from the sky and nothing is guaranteed. I am aware that a map with 10,000 symbols, if I put only 9.999 right,
I will be criticized. And despite this, it is not something that worries many, is my concern. But I hope, in any case, is that I made some big challenges, both in Portugal and abroad. I also plan to draw my first map of Precision Guidance and certainly will do so.

When in early 2012 the Joaquim Margarido friend gave me pleasure to answer some questions related to my activity including the one at the beginning of this text, as betrayed my answer, I though confident, was a little reluctant respect of the year in terms of mapping work.
The reality is that as the following may be seen, thankfully was a year of intense activity for me.
Having started my early work as early as January in the Balearic Islands (Spain) where I was the entire month of January and part of February. It was a very good experience in a beautiful island where I had to be with two negative degreesgraus of temperature and snow. The locals said they did not remember so temperatures
as those.
The month of March, I spent it in Portugal in my region and increase the remake of the old Marrazes and designed according to ISSOM maps for Sprint.
In late March and April, I was in the region of Murcia (Lorca) to draw up a map to the event "3 days of Lorca"
In May / June, I traveled to Canada, where I was for a second time, this time accompanied by Batista map to increase a map had already done in 2011. Experience fabulous land in different terrain of forests of gigantic trees out of sight.
In July and part of August, I was again in Portugal to prepare the Osso da Baleia map  for realization of MOC2013 WRE.
In August, I returned again to Balearic Islands - Palma de Mallorca to elaborate some more maps. You see this and unlike the first, had to cope with very high temperatures that reached +42 degrees.
In September I went back to Spain now for near Villena where I draw the map of the Rincon del Moro
to perform of Costa Blanca2013 Trophy - WRE.
In October, I was in Méjannes le-Clap France to draw another map.
In November, I was in Portugal to review the entire map of P. Mos that was adopted in 2005, made it the increase of a new small area and I drew it all again, now respecting the ISSOM.
Also in Nov / Dec and January, I was in Mira preparing a new map for the Club OriEstarreja, carried the National Championships of  middle distance and relay in 2013.

I put an end to the explanation of the map related to this text.

Apart from all this in the year 2012 was still surprised with an invitation from an ex: world orienteering champion this autumn to go do it again with an orienteering map of an area will 8kms2 in Sweden. Despite being greatly honored by the invitation and with the notion that Sweden could be a showcase much more advantageous to me, my decision to go was not confirmed, since it already had a verbal commitment, made with a Portuguese club and as a professional I take great pride in all my appointments, even verbal. I hope however that may arise another chance. The new map that I was going to do about what is exposed is that of the 90 years.
And so my professional year of 2012
Rui Antunes -

1/14/2013 9:57:49 PM Mira final map

Yesterday I finished the Mira map. This map has about 5.5 Kms2.
As I already said, this map is to achieve the  Portugal championships2013 of Midle distance and Relay.
It is a land with two distinct parts. The northwest is completely covered with Mediterranean pine. However, the high number of acacias this zone becomes more closed and with poor visibility.
The southwest despite being also covered pine is an area with plenty of visibility and running very quickly.
Moreover, land is typical of the Portuguese coast. Sandy and dunes.
see you soon
Rui Antunes

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